Tower28 Essentials Gift Set Reviewed 2023

Tower28 Essentials Gift Set Reviewed

Are you in pursuit of a beauty routine that liberates as much as it beautifies?

The Tower28 Essentials Gift Set offers a curated collection of products that promise to enhance your natural allure while championing your skin's health.

You'll find the SunnyDays Tinted Sunscreen perfect for a sheer, protective base, and the BeachPlease Tinted Balm to add a hint of artful color to your cheeks.

The ShineOn Lip Jelly provides a glossy finish without the stickiness, and the MakeWaves Mascara ensures your lashes flutter freely.

Lastly, the SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray is your on-the-go solution for an instant skin refresh.

This review meticulously examines each item, providing you with the insight you need to determine whether this set truly embodies the freedom and care your beauty regimen deserves.

Key Takeaways

  • The Tower28 Essentials Gift Set is a curated collection of products that enhance natural allure and promote skin health.
  • The set includes the SunnyDays Tinted Sunscreen and BeachPlease Tinted Balm, both of which are full-size favorites.
  • The SunnyDays SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen has a lightweight formula and provides broad-spectrum SPF protection with skin-nourishing ingredients.
  • The BeachPlease Tinted Balm comes in a variety of shades and is tailored to enhance the natural glow of the skin, capturing different moods and occasions.

Unboxing the Tower28 Essentials

Upon opening the Tower28 Essentials Gift Set, you'll find a curated selection of full-size favorites, including the SunnyDays SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen and the BeachPlease Tinted Balm, alongside the coveted travel-sized SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray.

The SunnyDays tinted sunscreen promises a lightweight, non-greasy formula that blends seamlessly into your skin, offering both protection and a hint of color.

Meanwhile, the BeachPlease Tinted Balm graces your cheeks with a buildable flush that mimics a sun-kissed glow, perfect for those who yearn for a natural, yet polished look.

Completing the trio, the SOS Spray, in its travel-friendly avatar, ensures your skin's relief is never more than a spritz away, embodying the freedom to maintain a refreshed complexion on the go.

SunnyDays SPF 30 Performance

How does the SunnyDays SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen hold up when you're facing the day's challenges? Let's dive into its performance with an artistic yet precise lens. This sunscreen isn't just a shield against the sun's harsh rays; it's a testament to your unyielding spirit, blending protection with aesthetics. It's crafted to support your desire for freedom, allowing your skin to breathe while safeguarding it from environmental aggressors.

Emotional Benefit Practical Advantage
Empowerment Broad Spectrum SPF
Self-expression Lightweight Formula
Peace of Mind Skin-Nourishing Ingredients

Every application is an act of self-care, a momentary pause to reflect on the day ahead with confidence. The SunnyDays SPF 30 is not just about enduring the elements; it's about thriving in them.

BeachPlease Tinted Balm Shades

beachplease arm swatches

While you explore the vibrant versatility of the Tower 28 Essentials Set, you'll find that the BeachPlease Tinted Balm comes in a variety of shades, including DREAM HOUR, PARTY HOUR, MAGIC HOUR, GOLDEN HOUR, and HAPPY HOUR, all tailored to enhance your natural glow.

Each hue is meticulously formulated to bring out a fresh, sun-kissed look that resonates with freedom and ease. DREAM HOUR's subtle flush captures the softness of dawn, while PARTY HOUR is a vivacious pop that speaks to spontaneous escapades.

MAGIC HOUR, a fan favorite, embodies the perfect blend of warmth and radiance. GOLDEN HOUR offers a rich, golden sheen, ideal for a late afternoon glow, and HAPPY HOUR rounds out the collection with a vibrant coral that's perfect for any joyous occasion.

ShineOn Lip Jelly Quality

shineon texture swatches

The ShineOn Lip Jelly's non-sticky formula delivers a high-shine finish that you'll find both nourishing and long-lasting. Crafted for the free spirit in you, this lip jelly glides on with an effortless grace, cloaking your lips in a glossy veil that feels as liberating as a clear horizon.

Each swipe infuses your pout with a burst of hydration, thanks to its thoughtfully selected ingredients that work in harmony to pamper and protect.

With an artist's attention to detail, the ShineOn Lip Jelly ensures a uniform application without the common woes of tackiness. It's a product that celebrates your autonomy, allowing for quick touch-ups on the go, empowering you to maintain your glow without constraint or compromise.

This is your cue to shine unapologetically.

MakeWaves Mascara Evaluation

You'll discover that the MakeWaves Mascara, despite being sold out, offers an innovative approach to volumizing lashes with its newly introduced shade, Drift. This addition presents a subtle yet impactful enhancement that embodies both elegance and ease. Imagine your lashes, effortlessly lifted and enlivened, without the usual clumps or stiffness.

Drift's unique pigment grants a softer alternative to the stark contrasts of traditional black mascaras, granting a freedom of expression that aligns with your natural beauty ethos.

Every stroke of the wand delivers precise application, thanks to its meticulously crafted brush, designed to reach even the tiniest lashes. The formula itself, resistant to smudging and flaking, maintains a lasting impression throughout your day.

Tower28's MakeWaves Mascara, in essence, is more than mere makeup—it's an artistic tool that embellishes your individuality.

SOS Daily Rescue Spray Benefits

Every spritz of the SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray offers your skin a quick dose of soothing relief. As you revel in the fine mist, know that you're nourishing your complexion with a formula designed to calm irritation and reduce the appearance of redness.

It's not just about instant refreshment; the SOS Spray is a vigilant guardian for your skin's well-being. Its carefully selected ingredients, including hypochlorous acid, work tirelessly to support your skin's natural defenses against daily environmental aggressors.

This travel-sized ally fits seamlessly into your life, granting you the power to reset and revitalize your skin at any moment. It's a token of care, a whisper of restoration, and an artistic touch to your daily skincare ritual, empowering you to face the world with a serene, balanced complexion.

Final Thoughts on Tower28 Set

With every component of the Tower28 Essentials Gift Set in mind, you've got a comprehensive toolkit to enhance your daily beauty regimen. The curated selection from Tower28, including the SunnyDays SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen, the versatile BeachPlease Tinted Balm, the lustrous ShineOn Lip Jelly, the defining MakeWaves Mascara, and the soothing SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray, coalesces into a symphony of self-care excellence.

Each product promises to nourish and protect with conscious ingredients, catering to your longing for both quality and ethical beauty solutions. As you wield these essentials, you're not just applying makeup; you're embracing an artistic medium that celebrates freedom and individuality.

The Tower28 set stands as an invitation to express yourself unapologetically while maintaining skin's health and vibrancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Products in the Tower28 Essentials Set Suitable for Sensitive Skin or Individuals With Specific Skin Allergies?

You'll find these products cater to sensitive skin, often avoiding irritants, but always check ingredients for specific allergies to ensure they align with your skin's needs and your quest for skincare freedom.

Can the Tower28 Essentials Set Be Considered Eco-Friendly or Sustainable in Terms of Packaging and Product Formulation?

You're seeking eco-friendly options, and while Tower28 emphasizes clean beauty, specifics on sustainable packaging and formulations require deeper scrutiny to ensure they align with your freedom to choose responsibly.

How Does the Tower28 Essentials Set Cater to a Diverse Range of Skin Tones, Particularly With the Tinted Products Included?

You'll find the Tower28 Essentials set includes tinted products in versatile shades, aiming to flatter various skin tones with inclusive, adaptable hues for a natural and radiant finish. Enjoy the freedom of choice!

Are There Any Refill Options or Recycling Programs Available for the Products Once They Are Finished or Expired?

You're seeking sustainability, but currently, there aren't refill or recycling programs for these products. It's an opportunity for artistic innovation and freedom in the beauty industry's approach to environmental consciousness.

How Does the Brand's Customer Service Handle Issues Regarding Damaged Items or Reactions to Products Within the Tower28 Essentials Set?

You can reach out to Tower28's customer service if you've experienced issues with damaged items or adverse reactions; they'll guide you through their resolution process with care and attention to detail.


In conclusion, you'll find the Tower28 Essentials Set elevates your daily beauty ritual with its thoughtful curation.

The SunnyDays SPF offers robust protection with a flattering tint, while the BeachPlease Balm adds a hint of color that's both chic and nourishing.

The ShineOn Lip Jelly's quality is undeniable, bringing a glossy but non-sticky finish.

The MakeWaves Mascara and SOS Spray round out the set, offering lasting impact and soothing hydration.

It's a collection that's as practical as it's luxurious.