The Ultimate Make Up Brushes For Pro Make Up Artists

As a professional make up artist or some who has a keen interest in make up the core equipment you carry with you will directly impact the quality of the look you are able to create.

All of the brushes below are able to use with our make up journal, which has transformed the careers of many leading make up artists by allowing them to not only apply there designs to the specialist pages using their make up, it also includes 13 other useful areas including call sheets, contacts and much much more for only £40.  Order it here today.

Westman-Atelier Brushes

We love our westman-atelier brushes which are amazing quality, our favourite set at the moment is the 9 Piece Gucci Westman Limited Edition, each brush is handmade in Japan by one of the top brush makers in the world.  They are so soft and luxurious to touch, with cruelty free bristles that make every application perfect.

The Nine Piece Set Includes:-

Foundation Brush – Refines foundation finish
NEW Liquid Blender Brush - Refines liquid formulas
Spot Check Brush – Conceals Imperfections with targeted coverage
Blender Brush – Seamless blending for cream formulas
Baby Blender Brush – Precision blending for cream formulas
Powder Brush – Streak-free powder or bronzer application
Eye Shadow I – Eye shadow application and definition
Eye Shadow II – Blends and refines eye shadow
Lip Brush – Defines and amplifies lip color

This amazing set is currently available here for only $575.

The Foundation Brush From Westman-Atelier

Paddle foundation brush with tapered, flat bristles that will quickly become your go-to for precise applications, correcting imperfections and achieving a naturally polished finish. Blends and smooths Vital Skin Foundation Stick for a fresh and dimensional look. 

Made with cruelty-free, super soft nylon fibres.

The Liquid Blender Brush From Westman-Atelier

An essential blending brush for liquid formulas and ideal companion to Vital Skincare Complexion Drops. The compact, rounded shape blends seamlessly while beautifully refining the finish of makeup on skin, making it Gucci’s go-to brushes.

Bristles made from 66% recycled content using post-consumer material. Cruelty-Free.


Spot Check Brush by Westman-Atelier

Targeted coverage just where you need it. Inspired by Gucci Westman's spot check method for flawless skin, this pointed brush tip conceals imperfections and pigmentation, making it an ideal companion to Vital Skin Foundation.

Luxurious and durable, each brush is handmade in Japan by the most prestigious brush maker in the world using cruelty free, super soft nylon fibers and sustainably sourced birch. Thoughtfully designed shorter handles make for easy, effortless application. Cruelty-Free.

Blender Brush by Westman-Atelier

An essential blending brush and the ideal companion to Super Loaded Tinted Highlight. The chiseled, face-framing shape envelops cheeks beautifully and intuitively guides your hand in an upwards motion to perfectly enhance cheekbones. 

Made with cruelty-free, super soft nylon fibers.

Baby Blender Brush by Westman-Atelier

A specialized blending brush and perfect match to Baby Cheeks blush. The rounded shape and compact bristles distribute cream color seamlessly and without streaking for a refined application on smaller areas of the face.

Made with cruelty-free, super soft nylon fibers.

Powder Brush by Westman-Atelier

Universal powder brush for precise applications. Oval brush head picks up the perfect amount of product while the bristles offer the right density and softness for an even deposit of color. Use with Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer for an authentically warm, beachy flush of color. 

Made with cruelty-free, super soft nylon fibers.

Eye Shadow I Brush by Westman-Atelier

This multi-tasking eye shadow brush with tapered, flat bristles is made for effortless color application. Smooths cream shadow onto lids and adds subtle definition to lashlines. 

Made with cruelty-free, super soft nylon fibers.

Eye Shadow II Brush by Westman-Atelier

Sumptuous fluffy bristles and a soft rounded shape make this eye shadow brush a blending essential. Diffuses and refines color for a seamless finish. 

Made with cruelty-free, super soft nylon fibers.